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At CSI Academy of Florida, we offer our students high-quality education and hands-on training in forensic science and crime scene investigation. We welcome individuals who are just starting their journeys into CSI and forensic science careers, as well as current law enforcement professionals who want to continue their education and certifications. Whether you are from Alachua, Florida or live across the nation, we are happy to provide the training you need.

Students who complete our program learn everything from crime scene analysis procedures to the process for providing effective courtroom testimony. We are licensed by the Commission for Independent Education #4844. Our campus is located in Alachua, Florida, which is north of Gainesville and about two hours away from Tampa, Orlando, and Jacksonville.

At CSI Academy of Florida, we have:

  • A 28,000-square-foot, state-of-the-art facility
  • 7 acres of land that are used for hands-on forensic science training
  • Training exercises that are based on real cases from the past
  • Experienced faculty members with up-to-date professional licenses and certifications in Florida
  • Courses approved for International Association for Identification certification


Our school was dedicated to Danny Pascucci in 2012.

Danny Pascucci

Danny was one of the most prominent and influential investigators in North Florida. He died of cancer the same year that he founded the academy. Mr. Pascucci was highly respected in the law enforcement community. He was known for his success in cracking criminal cases, as well as for his ability to draw out crucial information from defendants.

Mr. Pascucci has worked on numerous high-profile cases, including the “Gainesville Student Murders” case. The investigative work in this case resulted in the arrest and conviction of Danny Rolling, a serial killer who was responsible for the murder of 5 people in 1990.

During his career, Mr. Pascucci served as the Alachua County Sheriff’s Office’s head of forensics. In this role, he spearheaded the use of CSI technology. After retiring in 1997, he continued to work as a private investigator. One highlight of his career was being hired by the U.S. Justice Department to perform investigative work for missions that took place in Iraq and former Yugoslavia. Evidence that he collected was used in the prosecution of Slobodan Milošević at The Hague – a case involving charges of crimes against humanity in Kosovo.

At CSI Academy of Florida, we strive to carry on the legacy of Mr. Pascucci by teaching others how to uphold the same standards of excellence within the investigative field


Tom Sperring and Phyllis Sperring

Our two managing partners are Mr. Tom R. Sperring, Sr. and his wife Phyllis. The Sperrings are true business people. In 1972 Mr. Sperring founded C&S Building Maintenance Corporation. He was working as a nursery inspector for the State of Florida when he founded the small corporation to supplement his family’s income. Thirty four years later this small family corporation had grown into a very successful business that employed over 500 people. This was done under the leadership of Mr. Sperring, the chairman of the board and CEO and his wife Phyllis, who served as president and chief financial officer.

Some of C&S’s major clients:

  • The operation of 72 movable bridges (draw bridges) for the Florida Department of Transportation.
  • Furnishing janitorial services for all the municipal buildings in Duval County/City of Jacksonville,
  • Operating 29 rest areas for the State of Florida.
  • Managed the locks and dams in the State of Florida for the North and South Florida Water Management Districts.

The Sperrings sold their business but continued their entrepreneurial endeavors. They understand the complexity of business, for this reason the Sperrings chose to become managing partners for the CSI Academy of Florida.

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