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Shooting Scene Investigation

Shooting Scene Investigation

Course Coming Soon: 5 Days / 40 Credit Hours

In our new Shooting Scene Investigation course, students will earn 40 credit hours over 5 days. This course will introduce students to the techniques required to properly document evidence at crime scenes involving firearms.

What You Will Learn

Ballistics refers to the analysis of three components inherent in a shooting incident: internal, external, and terminal ballistics. Students will gain a basic understanding of the mechanical action of a firearm, bullet flight and target impact associations. Terminology associated with shooting incidents will be introduced and participants will perform laboratory exercises to determine angle of penetration, shot sequencing, muzzle-to-target distance estimation, and gunshot residue testing procedures.

Topics covered include:

  • Internal, external, and terminal ballistics
  • Bullet and firearm terminology
  • Wound ballistics
  • Determination of the direction of penetration in different target surfaces
  • Angle of impact determination
  • Glass fracture analysis
  • Determination of minimum and maximum firing distances using lasers
  • Gunshot residue testing procedures on human skin, fabric and target surfaces


  • "coming soon"

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