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Shooting Incident Reconstruction

Shooting Incident Reconstruction

Crime Scene Training for Students Nationwide

CSI Academy will be hosting a Shooting Incident Reconstruction course on our campus through Forensic Training Source. For those seeking to improve their skills in this area, the course can be extremely beneficial and helpful. With this 40-hour, 5-day course, you can develop an understanding of shooting reconstruction through a combination of classroom learning and practical exercises.

The Shooting Incident Reconstruction covers the following topics:

  • Common shooting reconstruction terminology
  • External, internal and terminal ballistics
  • Range of fire determination
  • Gunshot residueala
  • Identifying / detecting bullet marks
  • Behavior of projectiles on a range of surfaces
  • Correct measuring and documentation of bullet marks
  • Humans and motor vehicle targets
  • Reconstructing flight path
  • Writing reports with analysis and conclusion
  • Providing reconstruction through courtroom testimony

The course also covers a number of other important topics related to shooting crime scene reconstruction, so do not hesitate to sign up!

Dates for Course

  • February 29 – March 4, 2016

You can register on Forensic Training Source’s website here:

Shooting Incident Reconstruction registration

If you have additional questions or would like to learn more about the other crime scene training offered by CSI Academy of Florida, feel free to call (888) 518-2832.