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Latent Print Processing

Latent Print Processing Courses

What You Will Learn

In this introductory course, students will spend the majority of their time completing hands-on exercises designed to challenge their skills in latent print identification, documentation, and recovery techniques. Exercises involving powder techniques, chemical processing, protein stains, 'superglue' techniques, alternate light source use, and preservation methods will be completed as well as an introduction to courtroom testimony procedures.

Topics covered include:

  • Biology and formation of friction ridge evidence
  • Mechanical processes using powders and sticky-side tape agents
  • Chemical processes using ninhydrin, small particle reagent, amido black, superglue
  • Mikrosil and AccuTrans casting techniques
  • Alternate light source applications and enhancement techniques
  • Documentation and photography techniques


  • TBA

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Our course material is far beyond simple textbooks or lectures. We implement up to 70% hands-on forensic training and crime scene reenactment to give our students real-life experience. This way, our students can make a quick transition into the professional world and enjoy a higher learning curve than any other competing applicants or potential employees.

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Our program has been approved by the International Association for Identification (IAI), and we are licensed by the Commission for Independent Education - License # 4844.