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Human Remains Recovery

Human Remains Recovery Course

What You Will Learn

Students will participate in lectures that cover the basic methods for estimating the post-mortem interval, basic human osteology, and the role of the forensic anthropologist in medico-legal death investigations. Students will learn how to identify, record, and recover human remains that have been scattered on the surface and buried. Two days are dedicated to lecture and hands-on laboratories in the classroom with the remaining 3 days dedicated to recovery methods in the field.

Topics covered include:

  • Medical examiner history and law
  • Search techniques, probing, metal detection
  • Identification of human remains
  • Human vs. non-human
  • Mapping, sketching, triangulation, and electronic measurement techniques
  • Missing and unidentified persons cases
  • Mass fatality incidents

Students will gain hands-on experience in approaching the outdoor crime scene that includes suspected human remains. Then the class will take a step back to review recovery efforts and student decisions, which will then be followed up by a Q&A session.


  • November 13-17, 2017

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