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Our mission at CSI Academy of Florida is to deliver forensic science training of the highest quality, equipping individuals and law enforcement officers in their pursuit of exceptional professionalism in crime scene investigation. We seek the best of the best for our instructors, all of whom are certified, many of whom are nationally recognized.

"Dedicated to Finding the Truth"

Our hands-on training is based on real cases that instructors have encountered throughout their law enforcement careers. Recommended by past students, our courses will equip you with the knowledge and practical experience to find answers in the evidence left behind by the perpetrators of unthinkable criminal acts. Whether you live in Alachua, in Florida, or across the country, don't hesitate to learn more about our comprehensive training offered to students nationwide.

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Hands-on Training in Crime Scene Investigation

At our 28,000 square-foot building and 7-acre campus in Alachua, Florida, we train students how to recognize, collect, and preserve evidence from real-life crime scene reenactments. From sketching and diagramming the scene of a crime to providing testimony in court, we help students sharpen their crime-solving skills and learn the most advanced techniques in forensic science.

At CSI Academy of Florida, some of our forensic training courses include:

What are courses like?
In most classes, lecture material will take up 30% of the time, while the remaining 70% will be devoted to hands-on training. We equip students with the practical knowledge and skills needed to raise the bar in the investigation process.

Who are the instructors?
Our world-class, certified instructors all hold a current Florida certificate or license in their respective fields. As leading figures in the field of forensics, they have significant experience in law enforcement and/or have earned a Bachelor's, Master's and/or PhD.

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At our world-class facility, we are dedicated to the practical application of forensic science. With expertise that spans blood pattern analysis, forensic entomology, fingerprint detection, and much more, our instructors are prepared to offer specialized and comprehensive law enforcement training. We at CSI Academy of Florida are qualified and ready to provide quality instruction and thorough training in crime scene investigation.

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CSI Academy of Florida is licensed by the Commission for Independent Education, License No. 4844.