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Gainesville Crime Scene Training

CSI Academy of Florida: Dedicated to finding the truth.

Just a short 30-minute drive from Gainesville, the CSI Academy of Florida is a world-class educational and training facility for individuals and law enforcement officers interested in crime scene investigation. Our hands-on courses will prepare you to seek, investigate, and process the clues left behind in a crime scene.

Our Florida campus includes a 28,000 square-foot building and 7 acres dedicated to the practical application of forensic science. Most of our courses consist of 70% hands-on forensic training. Learn how to recognize, collect, and preserve evidence through real-life crime scene reenactments. Whether you are pursuing a career in law enforcement, forensic nursing, insurance fraud, or private investigation, the CSI Academy of Florida's comprehensive training program will prepare you for any crime scene challenges that lies ahead.

Receive Hands-on Training Taught by Industry Experts

All of our instructors are experienced law enforcement professionals and/or have earned their Bachelor's, Master's, and/or PhD's. Most of our faculty has had extensive real-life experience in their respective fields. At CSI Academy of Florida, we deliver the highest quality of forensic science education and training to aspiring crime scene investigators and seasoned professionals. Our curriculum offers everything you need to know about crime scene investigation and processing so you can present accurate, compelling evidence in court.

Some of our courses include:

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Whether you are currently in law enforcement and are looking to sharpen your crime-solving skills or are ready to get started in your career as a crime scene investigator, CSI Academy of Florida offers the educational opportunities you need.

Now's your chance to explore the field of forensic science and get hands-on investigative training!

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