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Blog Posts in 2016

  • Are Our Police Agencies Making Wise Choices with Their Funding?

    || 20-Dec-2016

    With recent events causing tensions to grow between officers and the communities they serve, police agencies and officers are under tough scrutiny and surveillance. As more and more people are asking for solutions to resolve tensions, many feel as if police are not investing their resources into constructive training and would rather invest in new cars and things. By the 1990s, community policing ...
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  • CSI Academy of Florida Attends the FDIAI 57th Annual Training Conference

    || 28-Oct-2016

    CSI Academy of Florida is proud to announce that we attended this year’s FDIAI 57 th Annual Training Conference in Miami. The conference was held October 23-27, and featured numerous exhibitors and workshops, including the Crime Scene Investigation 40 Hour Workshop and the IAI Crime Scene Certification Test Prep 16 Hour Workshop. Our team sponsored the Oktoberfest Afternoon Break on Tuesday, ...
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  • Happy National Forensic Science Week

    || 9-Aug-2016

    This week, August 7-13 th, is the fourth annual National Forensic Science Week. It is a time we can recognize the important role forensics plays in our nation, as well as honor the men and women that dedicate their lives to this scientific and technical profession. CSI Academy of Florida commemorated this week with an Exhibit Grand Opening and Beer &Pretzel Reception. This exhibit offered ...
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  • Are Police De-Escalation Techniques Efficient?

    || 20-Jul-2016

    In light of the recent shootings of Philando Castile and Alton Sterling, MPR News host Kerri Miller asks for insight on whether or not police officers are taught proper and effective de-escalation techniques, particularly in the context of the conflict between police officers and people of color. She is joined by Ginger Charles, a former police sergeant and adjunct professor of psychology, and ...
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  • Morgan Spurlock Inside Man features CSI Academy of Florida

    || 8-Jun-2016

    CNN Original Series Morgan Spurlock Inside Man, hosted and produced by documentary-maker and Oscar®-nominee Morgan Spurlock, gives viewers the real inside scoop. With the launch of the series’ fourth season, Spurlock once again dives head first into uncovering insider stories and first-hand perspectives. CSI Academy of Florida is being featured during the fourth episode of the season, ...
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  • The People vs. OJ Simpson Series Strikes a Chord

    || 5-Apr-2016

    Few trials have gripped the American audience so firmly as that of OJ Simpson. Just over 20 years after his acquittal, season 1 of FX’s ‘American Crime Story,’ The People vs. OJ Simpson, has met with rave reviews and renewed interest in the complexities of the trial. For many years, the media steered clear of a series on a case that many assumed the public would be tired ...
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  • Teen's Sentence for Parent Murder Reviewed Post-Ruling

    || 2-Mar-2016

    In an appalling 2010 case, a teenager in Michigan was sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole for plotting the murder of her adoptive parents. Now, the case is facing review due to a landmark case that was handed down in the United States Supreme Court in 2012. Tia Skinner was only 17 years old when she planned the murder of her parents. The men who carried out the plot were ...
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  • Animal Detectives: When Furry Friends Help Solve Crimes

    || 3-Feb-2016

    If in a word association game you were told to say the first thing that popped into your mind when hearing the phrase “crime solving animal”, chances are “Scooby Doo” or even “police dogs” might list among potential answers. You may be surprised to know that a multitude of animals have played a huge part in solving cases—sometimes by heroically defending ...
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  • What "Making a Murderer" Means for Crime Scene Investigators

    || 13-Jan-2016

    A recent 10-part true crime docudrama entitled “Making a Murderer” is sparking conversations about the state of our nation’s criminal justice system in kitchens, offices, and coffee shops across the United States. Produced by Netflix, the film series—which premiered December 18, 2015—raises grave questions about issues such as tampered crime scene evidence and DNA ...
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