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Restoring Civility After Officer Shootings

Posted By CSI Academy of Florida || 21-Sep-2015

Recent clashes with police have continued to escalate; within the past few weeks, four officers were fatally shot while performing their job. Some have described the situation as one where citizens don’t trust police, and police face the possibility of violence from vigilante citizens. Others continue to stress that the evidence of police brutality cannot continue to be denied, and the problem cannot continue to be ignored.

The phrases “black lives matter” and “cop lives matter” are commonly heard, but another message is emerging admist the violence: all lives matter.

Many members of law enforcement and their families are terrified, even locally in Florida. Although the latest shooting of Charles Joseph Gliniewicz occurred in Illinois, these deadly police clashes are not restricted to a single community or county. Police departments are training members of law enforcement to be on alert while on the job, but members of the community believe something more is necessary to quash the violent clashes.

Professor Ibram Kendi at University of Florida continues to emphasize the importance of not denying or ignoring the evidence of police brutality. Meanwhile, Dr. David Thomas calls for police officers and community citizens to work together and overcome the unnecessary clashes.

“If you think about it, somewhere we’ve lost a sense of civility,” said Thomas when speaking to the press. Although both of these individuals speak from seemingly opposed perspectives, the goal is the same: stop the violence on all fronts and reestablish civility between the public and its public servants.

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