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Becoming A Certified Senior Crime Scene Analyst

Posted By CSI Academy of Florida || 24-Sep-2015

In previous crime scene training blogs, we covered the requirements for crime scene investigative certification and crime scene analyst certification in Florida. The next step, and perhaps the most important, is Senior Crime Scene Analyst Certification (CSCSA).

Standards for the International Association for Identification’s (IAI) Crime Scene Certification in any position are high, but becoming a certified senior crime scene analyst has some of the most rigorous requirements and expectations. Naturally, some of these prerequisites are similar to those of other certifications, but there are several others that reflect the senior certification as a title that comes with fully embracing the crime scene investigation industry.

The IAI’s Senior Crime Scene Analyst certification requires the following:

  • 2 letters of endorsement
  • 6+ years in crime scene experience
  • 144+ hours of approved instruction in courses
  • Passing score of 75% or better on the CSCSA test

Board-Approved Crime Scene Courses

The 144 or more hours of crime scene related courses must be with Crime Scene Certification Board approved instruction. Courses that are not approved by the board will not count toward this requirement. These hours must be completed within a 5-year period of applying for senior analyst certification.

In addition, one of the following must be completed:

  • Authored/coauthored a CSI article published in a professional journal
  • Presented on CSI to a professional organization
  • Currently instructing on CSI-related subjects at least once each year
  • Present court transcripts of a case where you gave CSI testimony

The CSCSA Written Test

All levels of the IAI’s certification requires applicants to pass a written exam with a minimum score of 75%. The Certified Senior Crime Scene Analyst test consists of 400 questions and a 5-hour time limit. The content for the test draws from publications selected by the Crime Scene Certification Board.

The most recent CSCSA test publications include:

  • Crime Scene Photography, 2nd Ed. (Edward Robinson, 2010)
  • Effective Expert Witnessing: Practices for the 21st Century, 5th Ed. (Jack Matson, 2013)
  • Forensic Science: An Introduction to Scientific and Investigative Techniques, 4th Ed. (Stuart James, 2013)

Get Fully Prepared for CSCSA!

Each level of IAI certification requires an application fee—$300 for non-members, $200 for IAI members. Once you complete the application procedure, fulfil the requirements, and pass the CSCSA exam, you will be issued a 5-year certification for Senior Crime Scene Analyst!

At CSI Academy of Florida, we offer courses approved by the IAI, and we help CSCSA hopefuls get ready for the test. Contact us today and get the support you're looking for!

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