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Alumni Focus - Lauren Nabut

Posted By CSI Academy of Florida || 29-May-2015

"During these past 6 short months working as a Crime Scene Investigator for the City of Miami Police Department, I have been exposed to so many different types of cases that I never would have imagined. Ever since I was a little girl, I was determined to practice law in my adult life... only until I chickened out from applying to Law School and instead was hired as a CSI from a pool of 675. I now know the meaning of "everything happens for a reason". Working in crime scene allows me to have a different job everday (since no two scenes are ever alike) and also allows me to learn the criminal mind from a different perspective.

After attending the CSI Academy of Florida for Introduction to Crime Scene Investigation training, I can truly say that I am much more thorough, efficient, and interested in my line of work. Being able to apply the skills I learned while in training has allowed me to be a better investigator and for that I am grateful. As a wise man once said... "You look for the small; you solve the case!"

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