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Available Jobs for Forensic Investigators

Posted By CSI Academy of Florida || 15-Dec-2015

At CSI Academy, we train students in the fundamentals and cutting-edge developments of forensic investigation. In our state-of-the-art facility, we train citizens, private detectives, and law enforcement professionals in the best practices of crime scene investigation as well as providing accurate and effective testimony. But what jobs are available to our course graduates?

Below, we have outlined jobs that are currently available to those trained in crime scene investigation, their duties, and the possible salaries available. As science advances and the criminal justice system continues to require expert investigative techniques, these jobs will continue to be in demand.

Crime Scene Investigator ($39,000 to $60,000)

Crime Scene Investigators gather and process physical evidence found at a crime scene, and they also are directly responsible for the integrity and utility of the crime scene as well. They will also ensure that photographic evidence is gathered, potentially for use in a criminal trial later. They work in tandem with investigators, providing scientific findings and scene analysis.

In addition, Crime Scene Investigators conduct extensive lab tests and comparisons on physical evidence—mainly regarding the discovery and gathering of fingerprints. They are also responsible for staying updated on the latest techniques for finding, gathering, and preserving evidence. Their extensive scientific work also makes them useful witnesses because they can provide expert testimony in trial. For information, follow the link below.

Crime Scene Specialist ($40,000 to $57,000)

This position is usually filled by civilians who work in the Forensic Services Section in city police departments. Crime Scene Specialists are directly responsible for finding, identifying, and gathering evidence under the supervision of a Crime Scene Unit Supervisor. Making sure that evidence is preserved correctly is the main concern of a Crime Scene Specialist.

Their specific duties include photography and gathering evidence for:

  • Homicides
  • Kidnapping
  • Burglaries
  • Robberies
  • Assaults
  • Deaths
  • And more

These are just two of several dozen positions open throughout the country for forensic professionals. For more information about available positions, salaries, and qualifications, follow this link.

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