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How to Attain a Crime Scene Analyst Certification in Florida

Posted By CSI Academy of Florida || 14-Aug-2015

In order to receive certification in crime scene analysis, an individual must have an extensive understanding of numerous topics regarding crime scenes. A certain level of intellect and technique is required for this career, which is why the industry has established qualifying factors that each individual is mandated to meet. In order to become a certified crime scene analyst in Florida, one must complete an enrollment and testing process.

General Qualifications for Applicants

There are a few general qualifications for applicants to abide to before the certification process even starts. These qualifications include:

  • Having high moral integrity. All applicants should have a strong sense of ethical behavior, especially when handling evidence and crime scenes.
  • Full time employment in an occupation related to crime scenes. For your employment to qualify, you must locate, document, recover, or analyze physical evidence, as well as respond to crime scenes.
  • A minimum of three years of experience. This only activities that count towards experience are crime scene related activities.
  • 96 hours of completed Crime Scene Certification Board approved instruction. Instruction should be completed within the last five years in crime scene related courses.

After approval, applicants can receive initial in-house training by the Crime Scene Certification Board. In-house training program hours and the amount of instruction appropriate is determined specifically for crime scene analysis.

Preparation for the Test

Each applicant must prepare for a written test that must be passed in order to receive certification. The test has 300 questions and must be finished within a 4 hour time limit. Reference materials, such as books and notes, and online access are prohibited while applicants are taking the test.

The crime scene analysis test is based on the following reading materials:

  • Crime Scene Photography, Edition II, by Edward Robinson, 2010, Elsevier Science & Technology Books (All Chapters EXCEPT 1, 8 and 12)
  • Techniques of Crime Scene Investigation, 8th ed. by Fisher, Barry and Fisher, David, 2012, CRC Press

Applicants must score at least 75% on the written test in order to pass. Tests are graded on a pass or fail basis only.

What You Need to Apply

If you would like to apply for a crime scene analyst certificate, you must submit two letters of endorsement written by a supervisor or employer and/or a person who knows about your work experience. You will also have to pay an application fee before you can begin the process. IAI members must pay a fee of $200 and non-members must pay $300.

Once you have completed the entire process and passed the written test, you will be issued a five year crime scene analyst certificate.

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