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Shooting Scene Investigations: 5 days/40 credit hours

Posted By csiadmin || 25-Jul-2014


The CSI Academy of Florida …

A new course offering: Shooting Scene Investigations

In this course, students will earn 40 credit hours over the course of 5 days.

This course will introduce students to the techniques required to properly document evidence at a crime scene involving firearms. Students will learn about internal, external and terminal ballistics, related terminology, determination of the direction of penetration in different target surfaces, angle of impact determinations, glass fracture analysis and gunshot residue testing procedures on human skin, fabric and solid target surfaces using GSR kits, sodium rhodizonate and the Modified Griess Test. Students will also learn to determine minimum and maximum firing distances using laser trajectory analysis.

- Firearm terminology

- Bullet terminology

- Internal, external and terminal ballistics

- Wound ballistics

- Gunshot residue test procedures

- Documentation, preservation and collection of evidence

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