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Tony Falsetti Sought As Expert In Mysterious Grave Of Confederate Soldier

Posted By cbadmin || 17-Aug-2014

Anthony Falsetti, Dean at The CSI Academy of Florida, is a smart guy. He’s a nationally recognized forensic anthropologist & he’s been a consultant for National Geographic, as well as CourtTV.

Recently, Dr. Falsetti appeared on WCJB here in Florida to talk about a case he’d recently worked on. The Levy County School Board turned to him when looking for clues about when they were digging up the grave Confederate cavalry veteran Rufus K. Limbaugh. Neither the Board nor the Coroner could find any human remains at the gravesite, something they attributed to the grave’s age, so they turned to Falsetti.

“I mean, these graves are old. They just aren’t that old,” said Dr. Anthony Falsetti, board certified anthropologist. But he said he was surprised that there were no bones or teeth discovered. “The fact that nothing was found is somewhat surprising,” said Falsetti.

Also, this piece was recently selected for an Emmy nomination, something few forensic anthropoligists have in their belts!

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