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Karen Smith, Expert in Blood Stain Pattern Analysis, Travels to NC to Help Solve Cold Case

Posted By csiadmin || 13-Aug-2014

Karen Smith, The CSI Academy of Florida’s resident expert in Blood Stain Pattern Analysis, will be traveling to Franklin, NC next week in order to evaluate evidence in a 51 year-old murder case. In July 1963, 40 year-old Frances Bullock was brutally murdered in her own home. The case remains unsolved and the events of that day continue to pique the interest of those living in and around the town.

At the request of a relative of the victim, Karen will be assessing the evidence collected at the original scene and viewing the case file, photographs and related information along with a retired agent from the State Bureau of Investigations.

“Each town has a story that can almost be represented like a tapestry and Frankie’s murder left a stain on Franklin’s tapestry,” said Gregg Clark, a local English teacher and storyteller, who with his wife Pauletta, own and operates Where Shadows Walk, Franklin’s Haunted History Tour. “But as time has passed, it has become another color in the tapestry. Her and the mystery that surrounds her death are always going to be with us.”

After so many years, hope remains for resolution of this heinous crime and definitive answers regarding who murdered Ms. Bullock and for some closure for remaining family members. 5208-50-years-gone-unsolved- murder-still-haunts-franklin

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