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CSI Instructor Marc Trahan Called As Expert Witness In Pedro Bravo Case

Posted By csiadmin || 17-Aug-2014

CSI Instructor Marc Trahan was recently called to serve as an expert witness in the murder trial of 20-year-old Pedro Bravo. Bravo, who was found guilty on Friday of first-degree murder, was on trial for killing University of Florida student Christian Aguilar by strangulation.

Trahan, the prosecution’s first witness, is a crime scene investigator for the Gainesville Police Department. Trahan told the courtroom, he found traces of blood on the bottom of a paint can and a shoe insole from inside Pedro Bravo’s car.

“The stain is right next to the number on the can. What I did was swab the larger of the two stains and left the other one intact in case I wanted to do another collection,” said Trahan.

The last time Christian was seen, he was going into a Gainesville Best Buy with Pedro. After he went missing, the communities of both Gainesville & Miami searched for 22 days to find him. His skeletal remains were found bound with duct tape in a grave in the Levy County woods.

When Bravo's home and car were searched, police found blood in his SUV and Aguilar's backpack in Bravo's apartment. They also found that Bravo bought a shovel and duct tape mere days before Christian Aguilar was killed.

Police have since arrested Pedro Bravo.

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